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Visual Arts: Michael Boyd Exhibit Opening
When: Thu, August 22, 2019 , 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Vulcan Materials Gallery
Opening for art exhibit that will run through Oct. 21, 2019. "I'll stack my loves to the ceiling so that it won’t cave in"

Michael Boyd artist statement:

My work primarily explores attention as an act of love and the difficulties of coping with that position. Working from the idea of “rerum lacrimae sunt” (translated: “there are tears of things”) from line 462 of Book I of the Aeneid, my work interprets circumstance as significance, while acknowledging the ambivalence of an object to a viewer. In the beginning of his text, The Tears of Things, Peter Schwenger interprets this line as an implicit melancholic reaction to the being of an object. With his reading, the “tears” are extracted when an observer attends an object, and that attention is met with the silent ambivalence and neutrality of that thing. My work gestures to accept the impartiality of objects while moving to articulate the ways objects function as indexical signs for the nearly impossible set of conditions that produced them and led them to be encountered.

My practice centers on looking and attending, giving yourself to another thing because it exists as it does, a condition of rarity rendered by the nuances surrounding it. Each work begins with an observation, a circumstantial situation where a thing resonates as more than itself, unfolding and registering with the histories and processes that produced its own form. My working process is a search: a gleaning of content from within objects that would otherwise be unseen and taken for granted. I reject circumstance as incident and coincidence—each decision in my work is made with an effort to appreciate the substance of an object and the specific conditions surrounding it. The things of the world always and already signify other things, however, hidden and difficult it is to see: that meaning speaks through attention and patience, forming a relative orientation between familiar images and unexpected places.