ASFA Foundation
The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a public school and as such, does not charge tuition to Alabama students. However, parents are responsible for certain fees, including those for specialty programs, dorm residency, matriculation, and enrollment. We feel strongly that any student accepted to the school should be able to attend, regardless of family income. As such, the ASFA Foundation offers financial assistance to families to help cover these fees.

  • A family’s financial assistance is kept confidential and shared only on a need to know basis.
  • Applications for admission are completely separate from applications for financial assistance. No student will be denied admission because of financial need.
  • All financial assistance applicants must complete an ASFA Financial Assistance Application and provide tax records to verify eligibility. Both parents are required to submit application information and supporting documents. Non-custodial parent participation may be waived in some situations, by formal request to the committee. Financial assistance to students living with other relatives or a guardian will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Financial Assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need as demonstrated through the application process. Assistance is funded exclusively through donations and endowment income. Therefore, limited financial assistance funds are available each year. The completion of the financial assistance application is not a binding agreement that assistance is available or will be granted.
  • The awarding of financial assistance is dependent upon complete cooperation from applicant families. All families are expected to make some contribution towards their child’s education at ASFA, and to honor all agreements and payment plans established with the school. Students’ continued enrollment is contingent on parents meeting agreed-upon obligations in a timely manner.

Please read the ASFA Financial Assistance Procedure​​​​​​​ and fill out the Financial Aid Application​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ in its entirety before applying. Do not leave any questions blank. Email Julie Weber the completed application and all necessary documentation no later than Friday, June 19, 2020. We will not accept late applications. 

Contact Julie Weber with any questions.

Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
ASFA is a participating school in the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, a state tax credit scholarship program that provides assistance to low-income families for students zoned to failing schools. Families in need of financial assistance are strongly encouraged to apply for the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. The AOSF requires a separate application process. Details are available at www.alabamascholarshipfund.org.