In response to the spread of COVID-19 in our region, the Alabama School of Fine Arts campus and DJD Theater are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All schoolwork has transitioned to remote learning. Summer camps have been canceled. Faculty and staff are available through email. Please click here for a staff directory or click here for general inquiries.
Residential Life
Profile on average students living in dorm:
Most students are from Alabama and bordering states but we have them from all over the country. We have also had some international students whose parents will go back and forth to their country of origin. Most dorm students go home on the weekend unless they have a performance or rehearsal.

Dorm security information:
There is an armed security guard on duty between 7AM-9:30 PM. During normal business hours there is also a staff member watching external doors. The dorm remains locked at all times other than between 5PM and 10PM to allow students to move around the building. The dorm is locked during the weekend and at night and students just have to call the on duty dorm staff to be let off the dorm floor or to gain access back to it.

Dorm meal information: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered Monday through Thursday. There is no meal service from lunch on Friday until breakfast on Monday but dorm students are allowed to have microwaves and there is also a kitchen in the dorm that students have access to. They are just responsible for cleaning it up after use.

Transportation: Van runs are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday. Other van runs can be requested from students

Furniture provided:
All dorm rooms contain 2 beds, 2 nightstands, 2 desks, and either 2 four drawer dressers or one 8 drawer dresser

A profile on Jason Akins, Student Care Coordinator:
I started working at ASFA in 2009. I have worked with children since I was 16 years old. I started out doing behavioral therapy with children with autism, from there I branched out into boot camps and alternative schools. These experiences have taught me that it is the job of the dorm to provide students with a feeling of safety. I believe this is the single most important thing we can provide to students. You cannot help a child that is scared, and must give a student a sense of security to be able to help them through adolescence and young adulthood. We also strive to offer structure to students so that they always know what to expect. This includes holding students accountable for their behavior. It does not mean that we suspend or give consequences for every action but we do let kids know that we are watching and see things. We offer programs to assist students in growing up and learning self-reliance.