College Advising


Make your resume visually appealing! Free resume templates are available on Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other applications. Be careful if you use Canva templates because they often do not print correctly in black & white.


Resumes, cover letters/emails, networking emails, references, portfolios, etc. will likely form your first impression for many jobs, scholarship opportunities, and other educational/job opportunities.

The purpose of the resume is to be a clear and concise summary of qualifications that pertain to the position or opportunity that you are seeking, and should be limited to 1-2 pages. (The more concise, the better.) The goal is to attract sufficient attention to create an interview opportunity.

Before you send your resume to a potential employer or other opportunity, take time to review and proofread it. It should be error-free and consistent in format, punctuation, and verb tense.

** Do NOT include a list of classes that you are currently or have taken at ASFA on your resume! Your school transcript includes a list of all of your high school courses and grades.**

To maximize your chances for success, we have created and compiled specialty-specific templates and resources.

ASFA's website software won't let me upload sample resumes separate from tip sheets, so note that sample resumes have the phrase "sample resume" in their file names below. 
  • The files that end in .pdf should open on any device and retain their formatting so you can see how they ought to appear in print, but they can't easily be edited unless you have software installed specifically meant to edit PDF files.. 
  • The files that end in .docx will allow you to open and edit them with your own personal information, but their formatting may be wonky if opened on iPads or phones.

See Interview Advice.