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What Can I Do with This Major?
Learn about typical career areas and types of employers that hire people with various college majors, and find strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.What I like about these sites is that they help answer questions such as "I really love art history (or sociology, music, psychology, etc.) but what kind of job can I possibly find with that major?"

Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Planning for High Schoolers

Occupational Outlook Handbook provides detailed descriptions of hundreds of occupations, salary projects, and growth outlook. This is an excellent resource, with lots of information and web links.

Take a Career Assessment

Many people find that career assessments can be helpful.  It takes some of the pressure off to have solid data to help people make big decisions, such as what to study in college or what career to pursue.Then, afterwards, students and/or families are welcome to meet to discuss their results with Mrs. Rutsky to help interpret the results and explore possibilities that they suggest.

ASFA offers several different career assessments to help individuals with choosing a college major and well as exploring career options. You can take any of them online at your convenience once you have a login code.
  1. Myers-Briggs/Strong Combined Personalty and Career Assessment for a complete career development picture based on a fusion of your personality and interests, using two of the most researched and widely used personality and career tests on the market.  This is what most university career centers and many private therapists who do career consulting use.  This assessment is available at no charge to the Class of 2018; other students pay a $34 fee.  Email Mrs. Rutsky to make arrangements to take the MBTI/Strong.

  2. YouScience: Email Mrs. Rutsky for an access code.

  3. ACT Profile: Free.  Students complete this as part of registration for the ACT or you may can take this on your own at www.act.org/profile/ and create an account by clicking "Join Now" then select Career -> Career Map -> "Take your inventories and see the results on the Career Map."  Print or send screen shots of your results from either or both of these assessments to Mrs. Rutsky and contact her to set up an appointment so that we may discuss them together.
You might also wish to check out Career One Stop -  Includes links to career assessments, employment trends, resume & interview advice, and more, notably: Career Resources by State.​​​​​​​