College Advising

Note this calendar is updated frequently during the fall semester.


1. Information for College Admission representatives  who visit ASFA

College admissions representatives: We welcome you to schedule a visit to ASFA through Scoir. 

​​​​​​​At the bottom of this page, please download "Information for College Admissions Representatives Visiting ASFA" for details about parking, our class schedule and coming soon, a list of nearby schools and dining and lodging recommendations.

2. ASFA Students: Meeting with College Visitors at ASFA


Visits with college representatives are a great way for students to ask questions and to establish relationships with admissions officers who are often responsible for reading/advocating for our students' applications. Some colleges track students "demonstrated interest," so attending a visit with a college representative could be beneficial.

Of course, it's not always feasible for students to miss class to meet with college representatives. If students can't meet with the reps from colleges in which they are especially interested, they are encouraged to contact the college admissions officer to ask if s/he may be available to meet at another time, such as after school at a safe public location (e.g. bookstore or coffee shop), leave a note with Mrs. Kennedy or Mrs. Rutsky to pass on to the reps, and/or stop by after the meeting to pick up materials.


Most college visits are schedule during Homeroom A or Lunch B so that juniors and seniors may attend without missing class; however, depending on the college representatives' schedules, sometimes visits must be scheduled at others times. You must have your teacher's permission in advance if you are missing class time to attend a college visit (including Homeroom.)

If you need/want to bring your lunch and eat during a college visit, feel free! Just remember to take your tray and silverware back to the cafeteria afterward.

List of Visiting Colleges and Other Off-Campus Events

  • You can view list of scheduled college visits when you login to Naviance.  Use your Naviance login ID and password or login as a Guest with no password and click on the colleges tab at the top. They are also announced in the Daily Show & Tell, which is read during Homerooms and posted on the ASFA web and posted on the bulletin board near the library. Students who add colleges to their Prospective Colleges list in Naviance receive automated email announcements as well.
  • Off-Campus Opportunities are college representative visits or open houses that take place at locations other than at ASFA.  If we at ASFA hear about college events being held in the Birmingham area, we try to post it on the Naviance college visit calendar; however,  students interested in attending an off-campus event should consult that institution's web site for further information and to RSVP if required.
  • Campus Open House and Visit Days: Here's a list of some of these events on college campuses, but check with individual colleges to find many more.

Parents are welcome to attend college visits as well. Please try to arrive a few minutes in advance of visits and sign in at the main registration desk as a visitor. Please be aware that college representatives are generally visiting multiple schools and may be on a tight schedule, so be respectful of their time when asking questions afterward.

ASFA Students Visiting College Campuses

College visits may be excused only with pre-approval from the student’s Specialty Chair and a note from the parent. See the Student Handbook for details about excused absences.

The National Society for Student Engagement makes a great Pocket Guide to Choosing a College: Questions to Ask on Your College Visits and Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & Students Exploring Colleges. At the bottom of this page is a link to more tips for college visits.