In response to the spread of COVID-19 in our region, the Alabama School of Fine Arts campus and DJD Theater are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All schoolwork has transitioned to remote learning. Summer camps have been canceled. Faculty and staff are available through email. Please click here for a staff directory or click here for general inquiries.
“Technology is nothing. What’s important is to have a faith in people as basically good and smart, and if they have tools they like, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”
–Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

“Art challenges technology, and technology can inspire art.”
–Todd Siler, artist, author, educator, and inventor

“What technology is really about is better ways to evolve.”
– Sherry Turkle, MIT Initiative on Technology & Self

BYOD stands for “bring your own device” and refers to learning communities into which students are required to bring to school daily a device with various technological capabilities. Currently, most students at ASFA bring and use their own devices on campus. One immediately sees that there are almost as many different device preferences among students as there are different students. These differences reflect personal preferences and individual needs. ASFA requires that all students bring their own device every day.

We often employ the phrase “ASFA fit” around campus and it bespeaks the individualized styles and creative spirits that populate not only the student body, but the faculty and staff as well. Implementing a required BYOD initiative seems to mirror that culture and is itself, the best “ASFA fit.” That is why we feel it is the best approach to integrating more technology immediately into every student’s learning experience.

Please read all the documents and information linked on the side of this page before making a decision about what device is the best fit for you or your student.