In response to the spread of COVID-19 in our region, the Alabama School of Fine Arts campus and DJD Theater are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All schoolwork has transitioned to remote learning. Summer camps have been canceled. Faculty and staff are available through email. Please click here for a staff directory or click here for general inquiries.
The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a special place where professional performances, inspiring words, and innovative ideas are being cultivated and refined. Students have had the opportunity to perform locally, nationally and internationally at various festivals, community and special events since our founding in 1971. Our esteemed faculty and staff are making news nationally whether it be advancements in computer science, dance techniques, or inspiring works of art. We have award-winning, engaging experts in every area of specialty study available for on-site programs, presentations and performances.

ASFA students are admitted by a highly selective audition process. All performers and presenters are experienced and endorsed by the school. They are available to inform, inspire and entertain your guests at weddings, parties, meetings and other corporate and community events. And in return, you are supporting our efforts by showcasing ASFA’s excellence and strengthening our contact with the community we serve.

If you are interested in a performance or presentation by a faculty member or student,
contact the department chairman at 205-252-9241. They can answer questions, guide your
selections, and help you BOOK ASFA. Fees, if applicable, are negotiable, but departmental
donations are always appreciated.
  • MUSIC - For jazz ensemble, pianists, string quartets, acoustics, orchestra and vocals contact Kim Strickland at
  • DANCE - For classical and contemporary performances contact Wes Chapman at
  • THEATRE ARTS - For monologues to small performances contact Peggy Hammond at
  • MATH/SCIENCE - For presentations in mathematics and the sciences, computer science and robotics contact Hungsin Chin at
  • CREATIVE WRITING - For readings in poetry, fiction and non fiction contact TJ Beitelman at
  • VISUAL ARTS - For presentations on art appreciation, inspirations, education and art techniques contact Darius Hill at
  • RECRUITMENT AND ADMISSIONS - For information about how to apply, and the audition process, call Jaronda Little, Admissions-Recruitment Officer at